Working families deserve a leader who will focus on “we, the people,” not just on the person they see in the mirror. Only Vice President Joe Biden can be that president. I’ve known Joe for 40 years. He loves his family, loves working people and loves our country. His “Made in America” plan will revitalize America's manufacturing in a way Trump never could. Biden doesn’t only have the best plan to beat the virus and help workers recover financially—he is the only candidate for president with a plan at all. And with a Biden administration, we’ll finally pass the PRO Act, allowing workers to join a union freely and fairly.
Fifty-five years ago, in a speech to the convention of the Illinois AFL-CIO, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. laid out with characteristic moral clarity the essential role of unions in American life. “The labor movement,” he explained, “was the principal force that transformed misery and despair into hope and progress … [When] the wave of union organization crested over the nation, it carried to secure shores not only itself but the whole society. Civilization began to grow in the economic life of man, and a decent life with a sense of security and dignity became a reality rather than a distant dream.”

This Labor Day, America’s working families are facing unprecedented challenges.

During the 58th Annual North Dakota AFL-CIO Convention in Bismarck, ND the North Dakota AFL-CIO held a silent auction for convention delegates that raised nearly one-thousand dollars to help feed the hungry working families in North Dakota.

The Importance of Healthcare.

A debate is raging across this country over who deserves healthcare. Is it only the people who are able pay for insurance or who have a job that offers it, or should the rest of us do what we can to make sure as many people as possible are protected? Even among union members there is disagreement.

Sisters and brothers,

It is over! The legislature has finally left our fair capital, and we can all go back to some semblance of normal. Of course, we are now left to pick up the pieces and to find our way through the damage left in their wake with slashed budgets, reduced services and a higher education system on a starvation diet. But at the very least, no more damage can be done. We know where we are and we can plan our way forward.

SB-2014 passed both the House and the Senate yesterday keeping the profit sharing for the State Mill employees. Yay!!! I thank everyone for their letters written and calls made to their legislators. You have all helped really make a difference.

Sisters and brothers,

The end is in sight! Rumor has it that the session will be done on Tuesday…or Wednesday… or Thursday or… well you get the idea.  Yep. The forecast alternates between pipedreams and pessimism, but things have to come together soon because Monday is day 74 out of a maximum of 80 says.

Dozens of North Dakota and Minnesota Union members were among the many community members to show up in support of the groundbreaking ceremony at the future site of the FM Diversion Inlet Structure, just a few miles south of Horace, ND.

The FM Diversion will provide the Fargo-Moorhead area with permanent flood protection at a cost of $2.2 billion dollars. The Inlet Structure will be the first portion of the project to be completed, taking an estimated 3-4 years to complete at a cost of $46 million.

Sisters and brothers,

Every time I feel as if our work at the legislature is winding down, another conference committee pops up with something of interest for Union members...  usually bad. Honestly, there is always something.

Brothers and sisters,

It’s week 14 of the North Dakota State Legislature and I have two important asks of you. Please click on the links below to tell our legislature that working people need to be taken seriously.