Last year, in communities all across the country, millions of Americans mobilized and called for an economy that works for all of us.

More workers were involved in strikes and other labor disputes in 2018 than at any point in the past three decades, fueled by widespread teacher protests last spring, according to data releas

Brothers and Sisters,

This last week saw another hearing on Senate Concurrent Resolution 4001. This is the resolution that would change the constitutional ballot initiative system and make it impossible for citizens to ever change our state constitution.

Black leaders, activists, and organizers formed the backbone of the U.S. labor movement. Even when the forces of structural racism and segregation sought to stifle their contributions, their resolve to fight for workers’ rights alongside the cause of civil rights remained unshakable. Black women, in particular, have played an enormous role in the movement’s legacy and development.

Union leaders want Congress to make protections for TPS holders and Dreamers permanent and won’t stop lobbying on their behalf.

More than 30 national unions and labor institutions sent a letter to Washington, D.C., urging Congress to stand by TPSers and Dreamers.

Virtually everyone on Capitol Hill and in the White House seems to agree that the nation’s infrastructure needs immediate federal investment, and on Wednesday the call in the House and Senate was renewed: Figure out how to pay for it....

The Highway Trust Fund is “facing an urgent and dire funding cliff that needs immediate attention,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

“After all the studies outlining this crisis, no meaningful action has been taken to correct decades of chronic underinvestment,” he said.

Brothers and Sisters,

Coming out of Crossover with all the bills now revealed, you can’t fail to notice that our legislature has declared war on direct democracy and the ballot initiative system. SCR-4015 was heard last week, and we saw yet another attempt by the legislature to change our constitutional ballot initiative system so drastically that it would thereafter be impossible for citizens of North Dakota to ever change the constitution again.

This is a serious series of attacks.

 Sisters and Brothers,

It’s Crossover!! This is the halfway point in the legislative session where all the bills are finished in the chamber where they originated and now pass to the opposite chamber for more consideration. I’ll admit that it feels good to be half done.

If an investor was searching for the country’s most explosively successful commodity, they might look to the ground for natural resources or to Wall Street for some new financial instrument. But, the most meteoric success story can be found virtually all around us—in the booming video game industry. Growing by double digits, U.S. video game sales reached $43 billion in 2018, about 3.6 times greater than the film industry’s record-breaking box office.

Sisters and Brothers,

At the legislature, things are slowing down as we approach crossover where all the bills that passed in each chamber are then given to the other chamber. This coming week will start the crossover break.

We still have had some bills that would affect Labor hit to the house floor and be voted on. For instance, HB-1063 failed in the House. This was a bill that without medical evidence placed the entire burden of solving the opioid crisis on the workers.