On Feb. 15, just days after massive layoffs at Activision Blizzard, the AFL-CIO issued a powerful public statement of support to game developers in the United States. Its message, published in an open letter at Kotaku, was both simple and profound.

Last year, in communities all across the country, millions of Americans mobilized and called for an economy that works for all of us.

More workers were involved in strikes and other labor disputes in 2018 than at any point in the past three decades, fueled by widespread teacher protests last spring, according to data releas

Sisters and Brothers,

This last week was a busy week being both crossover week and the time of the AFL-CIO legislative conference.  Overall it was an excellent week.

Sisters and Brothers,

Seven weeks into the session and we are still ticking. Things are slowing down as we approach the crossover, but it is not over by any means.  As much as we may want it to be…

Follow along with the North Dakota AFL-CIO as we track and take action on legislation impacting North Dakota working people.

Sisters and Brothers,

It’s now six weeks into the North Dakota legislative session and things are slowing down. As we come into crossover, many bills that we have pushed for have been defeated and some we tried to defeat have passed the house. Though this seems grim news, the truth is that most of the worst potential changes are not making it through. So far, we haven’t gained much, but we haven’t lost much either. Unemployment insurance and WSI remains basically unchanged. The rights of workers, though still at risk, remain largely the same.

Sisters and Brothers,

Five weeks has passed and the session marches on. For Labor, this week has been a mixed bag. We aren’t winning overwhelming victories but at the same time, we’re not losing ground and are giving them our best. Labor is making its points, and we are holding legislators accountable for voting against the working people of North Dakota.  Please consider calling or writing your legislator on several of these important bills.

HB 1401 - To provide for collective bargaining for law enforcement officers and paid full‑time firefighters, failed in the North Dakota House 19-75 on Tuesday, Jan 31.

On Tuesday Jan 31, 2017 HB 1401, failed to pass with 19 yeas and 75 nays.

Brothers and sisters,

It’s hard for me to believe that we are done with four weeks of this session, and a big week it was. Admittedly, we have too few allies to have any direct control of events, but that doesn’t mean we can’t put some serious pressure on those legislators who vote against working people. Be certain to pay attention to future actions where we ask you to email your legislators. This can make a real difference.

The North Dakota AFL-CIO Labor Leaders Scholarship was established to recognize the accomplishments and dedication of our past and present union officers. In addition, our affiliated local unions recognize that education is the key to an enhanced standard of living with opportunities for advancement. It is that presupposition which motivated our members to develop the scholarship and extend to you a helping hand in your education