North Dakota Governor Burgum Signs North Dakota Mill and Elevator Day Proclamation

On Wednesday, April 24th, a delegation of workers and labor leaders attended the signing of the gubernatorial proclamation at the North Dakota Capitol declaring June 6, 2019 “North Dakota Mill and Elevator Day”.

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum signed the proclamation flanked by proud members of BCTGM 167g that work at the state-owned mill and elevator in Grand Forks, ND. Also in attendance were a leaders from the North Dakota AFL-CIO and Northern Valley Labor Council, AFL-CIO; as well as Mill and Elevator management, members of the North Dakota Industrial Commission, and a number of Grand Forks-area state legislators.

“...the North Dakota Mill and Elevator Association was established with the passage of Senate Bill No. 20 on February 25, 1919, driven by farmers and progressives who desired some control over pricing and grading of grain and for the purpose of encouraging and promoting agriculture, commerce and industry… we honor the North Dakota Mill and Elevator Association for its 100 years of service and thank the State Mill and Elevator's current and past hardworking employees for their ongoing dedication to achieving continuous improvement and their commitment to fulfilling the State Mill and Elevator's mission.”

Jason Payne, BCTGM 167g; Kevin Jerik, BCTGM 167g; Jeff Stoa, BCTGM 167g; Waylon Hedegaard, North Dakota AFL-CIO President; Mark Froemke, West / Red River Area Labor Council President, Renee Pfenning, Missouri Slope Labor Council; and Ralph Honda, Northern Valley Labor Council represented organized labor.

“It was great to be able to be a part of history. The North Dakota Mill has been a good place to work, especially with the help of the BCTGM”, said Jeff Stoa, retired North Dakota Mill and Elevator worker.

Stoa worked at the Mill for thirty-three years, from 1974 to 2007 and served as Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Vice President and President for his union during many of those years.

“I retired at age 53, 12 years already, thanks to a great retirement system in NDPERS & Benefits,” said Stoa.

On March 7th, Representatives Mock, D. Anderson, C. Johnson, Vetter and Senators Meyer and Vedaa introduced “House Concurrent Resolution 3057: A concurrent resolution to recognize and congratulate the North Dakota Mill and Elevator Association on its 100th anniversary.” HCR 3057 passed on a voice vote the same day.

June 6th will also mark the first day of the North Dakota AFL-CIO convention in Grand Forks, where delegates will celebrate the day with the debut of a short film on the history of the State Mill and Elevator.