May 1st ND AFL-CIO Statement on Safety and Reopening

Today, May 1st, known around the world as "International Workers' Day", was born out of the American labor movement, specifically the 1886 struggle for an eight-hour work day and a fight for safe working conditions.

On this very day, May 1st 2020, thousands of North Dakota workers are being forced to make a terrible choice between going back to work, risking their health and that of their loved ones, or refuse to work under unsafe working conditions and likely lose their unemployment benefits. 

The North Dakota AFL-CIO, the state federation of labor unions in North Dakota, encourage workers feeling unsafe at work to speak up, join together with your co-workers, and make yourselves heard. You have the same power of collective action that those brave workers in 1886. Our history tells us that when you stick together as working people, you can win the safety, dignity and respect that you deserve.

Call OSHA at 701-250-4521 if you feel unsafe work and  ND Department of Labor at 701-328-2660 if you feel you have been retaliated against for speaking out. If you are interested in a union, contact [email protected]

In Solidarity,

North Dakota AFL-CIO