GRAND FORKS, ND – Over one-hundred union members from over twenty-five different affiliated unions and guests joined together on June 6th and 7th in Grand Forks for the two-day 60th annual Constitu

On Wednesday, April 24th, a delegation of workers and labor leaders attended the signing of the gubernatorial proclamation at the North Dakota Capitol declaring June 6, 2019 “North

Patt Moon-Updike wanted to be a nurse since she was 9 years old.

Taxpayers are scrambling to make last-minute payments due to the Internal Revenue Service in just four days, but many of the country’s largest publicly-held corporations are doing better: They’ve reported they owe absolutely nothing on the billions of dollars in profits they earned last year.

Sisters and brothers and everyone else,

It’s been a sad couple of weeks at the legislature. Time and time again, we see the North Dakota House and Senate turn away from issues that affect working families across the state and instead focus on big business’s demand, or we watch them concentrate on fear-mongering distractions. They certainly haven’t spent much effort helping working people with legislation like a better family leave or better safety in the oilfield and construction or more affordable child care or hundreds of other issues that affect us every day.

In 2018, women once again came home with over 16% less money in their paychecks. Tuesday is Equal Pay Day, which means women had to work until April 2—92 days longer—to be paid the same amount as a comparable man in 2018.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested Tuesday that President Trump must reopen talks with Canada and Mexico to tighten enforcement provisions in a proposed North American trade deal, casting renewed doubt on prospects for congressional ratification of the accord.

“I’m not anti-union, but I don’t really think we need them, right?” said Double Fine head Tim Schafer while hosting yesterday evening’s Game Developers Choice Awards in San Francisco. “We’re all great here and in this show. No one here is union and...” Then the stage lights went out.

“Oh, right,” said Schafer after the lights went out. “Except for the lighting crew. I forgot they’re all union.”

A four-year fight to expand overtime pay to millions of workers may soon be over. About 1.2 million workers will win and 2.8 million will lose.

The Department of Labor is scaling back an Obama-era rule that would have doubled the maximum salary for a worker to qualify for overtime pay, according to a proposed rule the agency sent to the Office of the Federal Register for public review.

Brothers and Sisters,

This last week saw another hearing on Senate Concurrent Resolution 4001. This is the resolution that would change the constitutional ballot initiative system and make it impossible for citizens to ever change our state constitution.

On Feb. 15, just days after massive layoffs at Activision Blizzard, the AFL-CIO issued a powerful public statement of support to game developers in the United States. Its message, published in an open letter at Kotaku, was both simple and profound.