John Sweeney, who led an era of transformative change in America’s labor movement, passed away Feb. 1 at the age of 86.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka discusses why America needs a strong labor movement and how the Biden administration is committed to strengthening unions.

Dozens of North Dakota and Minnesota Union members were among the many community members to show up in support of the groundbreaking ceremony at the future site of the FM Diversion Inlet Structure, just a few miles south of Horace, ND.

The FM Diversion will provide the Fargo-Moorhead area with permanent flood protection at a cost of $2.2 billion dollars. The Inlet Structure will be the first portion of the project to be completed, taking an estimated 3-4 years to complete at a cost of $46 million.

Sisters and brothers,

Every time I feel as if our work at the legislature is winding down, another conference committee pops up with something of interest for Union members...  usually bad. Honestly, there is always something.

Brothers and sisters,

It’s week 14 of the North Dakota State Legislature and I have two important asks of you. Please click on the links below to tell our legislature that working people need to be taken seriously.

Brothers and sisters,

This will be a short update as the session is coming to a close and many of those items we have been watching have either passed through or died.

As I talked about last week, SB-2135 is a bill to study the ballot initiative system with the stated purpose of making it better. Unfortunately for several in the legislature, making it better means increasing their own power to control laws by stripping away yours. North Dakota’s citizen-led, ballot-initiative system is the best in the nation and don’t let the legislature tell you differently.

HB-1193 was defeated in the North Dakota Senate on a vote of 44 to 1!

Brothers and sisters,

We just passed legislative week one million and three or thereabouts, and we’re still here. Though this session seems like it has been going for a while, the end is in sight because Monday will be the 55th day of the session out of a maximum of 80. Though there are serious budget fights still going on and more to come, there is also a light at the end of the tunnel… We just hoping it’s not an oncoming train.

Sisters and Brothers,

Believe it or not, week eleven of the 65th Legislative session just passed. The days go by slow, but the weeks fly right past. In fact, this week is the deadline for referrals of bills into appropriations. The time for testimony will be soon over and the slow grinding arguments over how to pay for what the legislature has passed will be upon us.

 Sisters and Brothers,

Things slowed down this week. Many Labor bills that will affect us have already either been defeated or pushed through, and the legislature is now getting down to the basic fight over money and budget. The North Dakota budget was the big news at the Capital this week and is looking grimmer with each succeeding forecast. Our public employees are facing some serious threats as these updated numbers are used to navigate tough budget decisions. North Dakota United has some work to do out in the coming weeks.