Labor Day: Want Power? Join a Union!

This Labor Day weekend, take time to remember the generations of American workers, including North Dakotan workers, and the battles they fought to have safer workplaces, time off to spend with their families, decent healthcare, a secure retirement, and the freedom to join a union if they so choose.

Take a few minutes to talk with your friends and family about work and the economy this weekend. Ask them how it’s going and really listen. Listen to the challenges they face as working people, even right here in North Dakota. While some of us may be doing well, many of us are really struggling to make ends meet. Many North Dakota working people are still worried about things like safety on the job, getting time off to spend with our loved ones, accessing decent healthcare, or have any hope of a secure retirement.

Wealthy corporations and their politicians, even right here in North Dakota, are working overtime to take away our freedom to stand together. Why? Because they know that when working people stick together, they are powerful. They know that there is power in a union.

With a combined 50 years of experience as union members, leaders in our local unions, active members in our communities, and now leaders of the North Dakota AFL-CIO, we understand the difference our unions can make. When working people come together in a union, they can have a voice on the job and build a better life for themselves and their families.

While you listen to your friends and families reflect about their work and role in the economy, think about how workers speaking together in union improved their lives and role in the economy in the past and consider how it might improve our lives and role in the economy today.

Unions in North Dakota are active in education, construction, manufacturing, energy production, communications, transportation, healthcare, public services and defense.

Want Power? Join a Union.

In Solidarity,
Landis Larson – North Dakota AFL-CIO President/Secretary-Treasurer
Deb Carter – North Dakota AFL-CIO 1st Vice President

The North Dakota AFL-CIO is the state federation of unions in North Dakota.