HB 1193 Defeated in the ND Senate 44-1!

HB-1193 was defeated in the North Dakota Senate on a vote of 44 to 1!

HB-1193 was an anti-protest bill that is painted with such a broad brush that any demonstrators, picketers or strikers could easily be affected.

HB 1193 would have increased the penalty of a misdemeanor to a class C felony for anyone who commits a misdemeanor while causing economic harm over $1000 to a business or government. Something as simple as "unreasonable noise" or "obscene language" could have been ratcheted up to a felony charge, having a chilling effect on our free speech.

Video of the vote can be found here.

Thank you to all the working people of North Dakota who contacted their Senators about voting "No" on HB 1193!

Let your State Senator know you appreciated their "No" Vote on HB 1193!